Sustainability Profile: Itron

Post Series: Investment Committee Commentary Q1 2017

Itron is a technology company that leverages innovative technology to provide products and services on energy and water resource management. Itron’s technology platforms help build smart cities through the Internet of Things and the gas, water, and electricity sectors.

Internet of Things. The Itron Riva platform securely connects more than 150 million communication modules around the world to inform its development of distributed intelligence, edge analytics, command and control capabilities, and multi-app, open standards networks. This helps commercial entities and consumers to both track and effectively manage renewable energy resources and monitor water usage in real time.

Water. Almost two billion people will soon be living with water scarcity, and even where water is plentiful, distribution systems are aging, demand is rising and managing this precious resource is critical. Itron is helping utilities make the most of their water by providing solutions that help achieve water efficiency, conservation, and management outcomes.

Gas. OpenWay Riva™, Itron’s next-generation IoT solution, provides gas utilities with actively updating information on their gas distribution systems. This can save time, money, and lives through automated maintenance activities and instant access to the condition of gas pipelines and possible leaks.

Electricity. OpenWay Riva™ fosters active grid management by combining high performance communications with distributed intelligence in meters and edge devices. This helps reduce outage detection and analysis time, improves the accuracy of energy theft detection, decreases unsafe grid conditions, and maintains proper loading on transformers.

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