Barrett Porter

The reason I got into this profession:

One moment that I’ll never forget from my childhood was when my mom suggested to my dad that a college trust fund be set up for my sister and me. My dad replied, “We will be so wealthy that we’ll be able to buy a college.” Cut to me at age 18, sleeping on the concrete floor of my best friend’s dorm room at San Diego State because my family wasn’t able to fund even my first semester’s room and board. I spent the next six years of my life as the poster child for how to misuse student loans and credit cards.

It was a powerful lesson in how dreaming big without a dose of planning can affect a family. It inspired me to become an advisor so that I could help people aim for a life of abundance, while doing everything I can to help them create financial security.

One thing I’m doing to help the planet

Being a wildlife and ocean fanatic, a scuba diver, and a very bad surfer, I was deeply inspired to get more supportive of ocean life after watching the documentaries The Cove and Sharkwater. Each managed to break my heart for a moment, but it grew back a little bigger by the end, and I raced to my computer so that I could stay involved and up to date on the movement to stop unnecessary harm to oceanic life. And so in the spirit of acting locally, I’ve decided to support and get involved with Heal the Bay, a nonprofit environmental organization that was established to clean up our coastal waters.

Outside of work, my passions include

My passions include snowboarding, roller coasters, bike riding (beach or mountains), swimming, movies, cooking, a nice whiskey and traveling.

One goal I’m saving for

A condo in Venice or Marina del Rey.

The primary way I’m advancing my career knowledge

I reserve part of every Friday to check in with myself about my own business and life goals and to deepen my understanding of a particular financial planning topic.